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Sereia Scholarship aims to provide scholars with a safe and trustworthy scholarship in which they can earn SLP.  With

The Sereia Scholarship was inspired by Axie #2206, an aquatic single mystic axie with Candy Babylonia horns, currently owned by Zyori. Translating to Mermaid in Portuguese, Sereia is a symbol of our community, representing independence and strength.

She is the icon of our core principles and reminds us to always act with honour above all else. Sereia pushes us to always build with quality in mind and stay disciplined in our pursuit of creating a friendly and prosperous community.

We also offer:

  • Axie advice when needed and called upon (within reason)
  • Advice in esports / gaming
  • Supportive community and friendly atmosphere


With our trusted team, we will provide you with the tools you need to succeed as a scholar.


We will also aim to empower our scholars to graduate into larger and more prosperous endeavours in the Axie Kingdom


Our managers and staff will give Axie advice when needed and called upon.


We will foster a supportive and friendly community that helps one another through their Axie Infinity journey

Meet the team

Andrew’s journey into esports began with the release of StarCraft II in 2010 as a community event organizer. Most recently, Andrew has taken a full time position at Sky Mavis as the Program Lead for Esports & Content Creators. At Sky Mavis he is responsible for developing Axie Infinity esports programs and creator initiatives.

– Zyori

Over 25 years in Hospitality and 2 successful businesses, Frank has spent his career focusing on people here in the USA and across many countries in Asia. A veteran of the stock market, he began his venture into cryptocurrency in 2019 and has not looked back since.


Has been in the esports industry since 2011.  He’s worked with some of the largest names in esports such as Valve, Blizzard Entertainment, Twitch, id Software, Grinding Gear Games and has connections with 500+ influencers, teams and staff in the esports industry.  He is now a full time web3 enthusiast.

– Bill

Chemical Engineer by day, blockchain explorer by night. Josh has been in the crypto space as a miner, DApp user, and blockchain enthusiast for many years. A former competitive World of Warcraft player, he takes his strategy and engineering mindset to find opportunities by analyzing blockchain data.

– Hyper

Latest NEWS

  • Welcome to Sereia Scholarship!
    Greetings future scholars! Welcome to Sereia Scholarship. We’re so excited to be officially launched. Our founders wish to thank each and every one of you that are interested in joining Sereia. The Sereia Scholarship was inspired by … Read More