Welcome to Sereia Scholarship!

Welcome to Sereia Scholarship!

Greetings future scholars!

Welcome to Sereia Scholarship. We’re so excited to be officially launched. Our founders wish to thank each and every one of you that are interested in joining Sereia.

The Sereia Scholarship was inspired by Axie #2206, an aquatic single mystic axie with Candy Babylonia horns, currently owned by Zyori. Translating to Mermaid in Portuguese, Sereia is a symbol of our community, representing independence and strength.

She is the icon of our core principles and reminds us to always act with honour above all else. Sereia pushes us to always build with quality in mind and stay disciplined in our pursuit of creating a friendly and prosperous community.

Our rallying cry to make the world a better place through gaming.

At Sereia Scholarship, it’s about people first.

Our scholarship requirements are as follows:

  • 70% (Scholar)/ 30% (Manager) split of SLP/AXS Earnings
  • Paid out the 1st of Each Month
  • Minimum 2,250 SLP/Month

If you’d like to apply to be a scholar please do so here. Please also check out our rules and founding principles. Please feel free to browse around and learn more about us.

Our official social media and tags are the following:

Anyone from Sereia Scholarship WILL NOT ask for your seed phrase. Do not reply to them if they do.

Have an enchanting day and good luck in the Axie Kingdom!

-Sereia Scholarship Team

About the author

Sereia Scholarship aims to provide scholars with a safe and trustworthy scholarship in which they can earn SLP. With founding members who are well known in the esports and NFT Gaming industry, our goal is to be one of the top boutique scholarships in the Axie Infinity universe.