Sereia Scholarship Rules

1. Multi-Accounting or Botting is strictly forbidden. As a scholar, you will only play on the account provided to you during your scholarship. Please never share your account password or QR code with anyone. You can NOT play more than ONE account. You cannot share a device with another player in your household to play Axie. 1 account per device!

2. If you are banned for any reason, (botting, multi-account earning, violating Axie Infinity Terms of service, etc) all SLP will be lost

3. You must understand the Axie Infinity terms of use and agree to follow them

4. Be respectful when you post on the Official Axie Infinity discord server. No wen this, wen that. Fix this, nerf that. Use the Ask-A-Manager channel if you have any questions first.

5. If you would like to search for another scholarship while a scholar here, you must inform a manager first. Do not apply if you already have a scholarship.