Founding Principles

Sereia Scholarship aims to provide scholars with a safe and trustworthy scholarship in which they can earn SLP.  With founding members who are well known in the esports and NFT Gaming industry, our goal is to be one of the top boutique scholarships in the Axie Infinity universe.  At Sereia Scholarship, we will not only provide a way for scholars to earn SLP, we will also aim to empower our scholars to graduate into larger and more prosperous endeavours in the Axie Kingdom.  One of our core values is quality over quantity.

At Sereia Scholarship, it’s about people first.

In addition, we offer:

  • Axie advice when needed and called upon (within reason)
  • Advice in esports / gaming
  • Supportive community and friendly atmosphere

Sereia Scholarship founders and its scholars will follow these core principles:

  • Honour – We are true to what we believe in and so should our team members and scholars.  
  • Perseverance – We understand that we may not always get things right.  However, together as a team we will ensure that we will persevere through difficulties.  
  • Discipline – Through consistency and hard work we will grow as a team.  
  • Quality (Industriousness) – If something is worth doing, it should be done right.  We strongly believe in quality over quantity.
  • Community– We at Sereia scholarship aim to be pillars of the community & provide a healthy, friendly, and prosperous community for our scholars. Stay humble and hungry Sereian’s!